A New Worship Time - with an Old Welcome

Psalm 33 tells us to worship God with a New song.  The book of Lamentations tells us that God’s mercies are New every morning.  The prophet Ezekiel brings us a message that promises that God will give us a New heart and a New spirit.  Jesus gave us a New commandment to love one another.  At Trinity we have a New time for worship!  However, our Old word of welcome still stands!

In part it reads: EVERYONE IS WELCOME—EVERYONE.  People of all backgrounds, colors, sexual orientations, gender identities, addictions, economic classes, languages, mental/emotional states, talents, marital status, parents, children (quiet & noisy), adults (discreet or nosy), sons, daughters, youngsters, oldsters, all states of health, religious beliefs, responsible or flaky, true blue or straying, obedient or disobedient, happy, sad, lonely, mad or searching.  

This inclusive, welcoming statement reflects God’s gifts of mercy and grace and reminds us that yes, God’s promises are New to us every day.  Lutherans hear God’s Word of forgiveness and grace and want to share that with others.  Lutherans have a heart to care for those in need.  Lutherans love to sing and praise God with New songs and Old hymns and everything in between.

At 10:00 am on Sunday morning, God’s praises will be sung, God’s Word will be heard, and God’s Table of Holy Communion will be set.  Come and bring your praying, singing, listening self and be blessed!

When we say ALL are welcome, we mean ALL—come be a part Celebrating God’s Love this week!  Remember it is at a New time—10:00 am.

Pastor Jocelyn Carson