All Earth is Hopeful

All Earth is Hopeful

The words of this joyful Advent hymn were originally written in Spanish by Alberto Taulé with the title, Toda la tierra.  This Advent we sing it every Sunday morning as the Advent wreath is lighted as a reminder of God’s presence in all of creation and in our lives.  The lyrics of this song remind us that the world is waiting for God’s truth and justice to set all of us free. 

The word all seems really important this year at Trinity as we begin work on the two platform lifts and the handicap accessible bathroom which will allow us to be a lot more inclusive in our welcome of all people.  “All” and “everybody” are words that we do not use lightly.  We ask ourselves who is not here?  Whose voice is not being heard?  How can we let those not here know that we recognize their importance in the kingdom of God?  As we move into this new church year, together we embrace the changes that welcome all to this community of faith!

How to be sure that all are included is an issue that goes beyond the walls of our church building.  In these days of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Everett, as our representatives and senators meet to plan state and national budgets, we remember those who do not have enough food, healthcare, jobs, or housing.  As we sing this Spanish song, we remember those most affected by our immigration laws. For some people truth and justice seem in short supply. 

God’s Good News is for all, the poor, the proud, the persecuted and the privileged.  Jesus has come to bring light and hope for all of us.  Jesus has already come—we do not have to wait any longer in order to be working for the coming of the kingdom of heaven.  The time is now for all to be welcome!

In Advent we open our eyes, we light more candles, and we look for a new vision of what God’s presence will mean for our world.  God’s truth and justice sets everybody free! *

Jesus is coming!  Jesus is here! Advent blessings!

Pastor Jocelyn

*Alberto Taulé, b. 1932; tr. Madeline Forell Marshall, b. 1946.  Music: Alberto Taulé. Spanish text and tune © 1993 and tr. © 1995 Centro de Pastoral Ligurgica, admin.  OCP Publications

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