April 10th

Okay, I finally gave up and came in out of the rain.  It was not cold, but I kept getting wetter and wetter.  I transplanted some raspberries to a new spot in the garden.  I hope they get enough sun!  I also transplanted some perennial flowers and replanted the “chair” planter that I won last year at Trinity’s spring choir and bell concert.  The fuchsia starts are not very big, but eventually they will grow up.

I pulled weeds again in the resurrected garden spot—they just keep coming back!  Hopefully that means the vegetables will also grow well in that spot.  I have not planted any seeds directly in the ground yet, because the squirrels would think they were food for them.  Dave will build me some sort of protection until the plants get big enough to survive. 

The perennials have started coming back to life and almost all the bulbs are blooming—I am still waiting for the tulips, but the rest are all blooming.  It gives me hope to know that the winter cold did not kill them and that with light and heat they will come back to life.  Kind of like Lazarus coming out of the grave in this morning’s Gospel.  God demonstrated God’s power over death and that gives me hope as we move closer and closer to Good Friday. 

Sometime this week, we will move the palm plants to church for Palm Sunday.  They have grown a lot this year.  God’s garden is full of life!  God’s abundant love and tender care is Good News for us all!