April 13th

There in God’s Garden stands the Tree of Wisdom. . .this is the first line of that beautiful hymn that we have been singing all during Lent.  In this hymn the tree of course is Jesus, our source of wisdom, our source of love, our font of grace and forgiveness.  There are trees all through the Bible—so often we think of the tree of Calvary not as Jesus, but as the tree on which he was hung.  And really that piece of wood also started life as a tiny tree from a seed either deliberately or randomly planted.

The Cross is the tree that centers much of our Lenten worship.  As we get closer to Good Friday, we remember that the cross is empty—Jesus was on the cross for a brief time only.  The empty cross speaks to us of resurrection and hope, while at the same time reminding us that in all of our sorrows we have a Savior and a Friend who also knows pain and sorrow, abandonment and despair. 

At Trinity Lutheran Church one of our trees has burst into beautiful bloom.  The magnolia is full of huge, pink blossoms.  It stands outside our front door to welcome us in and it offers a place to sit by the cross and meditate on the multiple meanings of the life and death and resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus did not stay safely in heaven; he came to our messy, life-filled and death-filled world to live with us, to love us, and to lead us home.  Amen.