April 14th

How do we ever explain away the presence of those destroying pests in our gardens?  I am feeling particularly guilty this spring over my anger at the furry, cute, totally annoying squirrels who have come into my yard this spring to destroy my lovely daffodil bulbs.  I say destroy because usually they do not even eat the bulbs, but they leave them lying all around the pots from which they have taken them.  They have dug up newly planted bulbs from the ground and in pots, and now that some of the bulbs have come up the squirrels have even have dug up whole flowering plants.  What is a loving, caring gardener to do?

As I prepare to plant my vegetable seeds, I really do not want to just be “feeding squirrels!”

This is only one of the pests that bug gardeners!  What are some of yours?  Moles, weeds, variety of bugs, slugs?  As a “green” gardener I hate the thought of pesticides and herbicides.  Pulling weeds and using weed barriers are better ideas.   I don’t want to ever kill a squirrel and most of the year I enjoy watching them run around my yard—their clowning around always makes me smile. 

What would God say?  In the beginning all creation was good—that had to include the pests as well as those useful plants and animals.  How does God define useful?  I do believe that all of creation is essential to the whole.  We need all things to be part of the circle of life and death and rebirth. 

Maybe I worry too much.  I still have lots of lovely daffodils.  I can put a screen over my little lettuces and radishes.  God has blessed us with abundance—now I need to learn to share!  Even with the pesky squirrels!