April 22nd

Today is Good Friday and Earth Day.  Two days of great significance for us as followers of Jesus Christ.  How do we faithfully follow on the way to the Cross without abandoning what we have learned about loving each other?  In the horror of the crucifixion we must allow ourselves to know the deepest hatred of humanity in order to know God great love for us.  But never do we allow ourselves to hate those whom we imagine put Jesus on the Cross, because if we are truly honest we know that it was us, and people just like us, who cried for freedom for Barabbas and death for Jesus.  Good Friday is not a time for blaming others, but a time for self-reflection and most importantly a chance to let God’s love over power the Cross and all hatred.

On a Good Friday a few years ago, we heard the story, heard the clang of the nails being driven into Jesus’ hands and then heard the voice of God, “For God so loved the world…..”  Amen.

Earth Day is not separate but integral with Good Friday.  I celebrated by renewing my membership in Earth Ministry.  Their tag line reads, “Earth Ministry leads the way in caring for the Earth from a faith perspective.  Please join us and help spread the good work of religious environmental stewardship!”  They are found at www.earthministry.org.  They will send my newsletter via e-mail in order to save paper.  It is good to know that there are many, many thoughtful people making choices everyday for the safekeeping of our planet, God’s Garden, not a gift but a trust for safekeeping.

When this Lenten blog is over, I will continue my small steps of environmental stewardship and my joy in the beauty God has given us in this garden.  Amen.