April 23rd - Holy Saturday

It is Holy Saturday on our Lenten journey.  The reality of Good Friday and the Cross are deeply imprinted into our minds.  Those who are busy preparing for an Easter Celebration are looking forward not backwards.  This morning at Trinity Lutheran Church a group of faithful sharers of God’s love and mercy gathered to make 40 sack lunches for those who will eat their dinners at the Parking Lot Dinner at Central Lutheran tomorrow evening.  Thank you for your caring hearts and for your thoughtfulness on behalf of those who have little.

Others gathered to prepare a delicious Easter Breakfast.  It is free, with a place to make an offering if one is able.  This breakfast is cooked by those who have prepared it for many years, as their gift to all who come!  Again, thank you for your caring hearts and your busy hands.

And then there were those who gathered to prepare our worship space for the glory of the Glad Easter Alleluias!!  Thank you for your caring hands and hearts! We have a colorful Garden of flowers to remind us of the beauty God gives.  We have shiny bells, beautiful banners, and a Table set, ready for us to share in the Celebration Feast of our Risen Lord!  Alleluia!

In the beauty of the day, we remember those who do not have enough, those who are living with tragedy, those who suffer debilitating or fatal illnesses.  We remember those who are so busy caring for others that they are not able to take a moment for themselves.  Jesus says to all, “Come to the Table, this is my Body and Blood given and shed for you!  Come and be strengthened for service, come and have your faith renewed, come and celebrate this moment together.  Go forth, knowing that I am with you always.”

God, we thank you for the abundance of food, clean water, and the natural beauty of the earth. We petition on behalf of those who live with the daily realities of hunger, pollution, and poverty. May we all experience your abundant life. Amen.

Thank you for your part in this Lenten blog.  Reading or writing, we have journeyed together and grown in God’s Garden!