April 4th

Well, in case anyone noticed, I have missed a couple of days of blogging.  But there is some news from the garden.  My rhubarb is up and growing bigger every day!  This is a gift from those who lived in this house before us.  In fact last spring, when we had just been there a couple of months, the rhubarb was like a wonderful, fresh housewarming present.  It got made into rhubarb sauce and rhubarb crunch. 

This year, I have been anticipating its return.  There are many more stalks this year, probably because I have been weeding around it and have added some worm castings as fertilizer.  There will be even more this year to enjoy.

Like the rhubarb, God’s love is always with us, even when we do not know it.  When we take time to read God’s words to us we can know God’s presence.  Creation is often a second “book” of God’s love for us.  Sitting in my garden or pulling weeds in the sunshine, I feel God with me in the air, in the ground, in the flowers and in the songs of birds. 

Thanks be to God for springtime and for the harvest of spring gifts—like my rhubarb!  A gift from the gardener who planted it and a gift from our loving Creator.  Amen.