Breathing and Dreaming and Praying


Breathing and Dreaming and Praying Come Holy Spirit, fill us with the breath of God, inspire us with hope and give us amazing dreams for your people.  Amen.

On Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd the sermon at 8:30 am included two prayers.  These prayers reflect two of the shared dreams and visions that we, the people who gather at Trinity Lutheran Church have for our community of faith.  One prayer was for our ministry with children to be blessed and the other prayer was for greater physical accessibility here at Trinity.  Both of these dreams are about being welcoming people of God.  Both of these dreams will take courage and commitment of our time and financial resources to become reality.

Please join me in praying these two prayers of welcome!  Pray them again and again and feel free to add your own prayers of hope and courage to these prayers.  

Lord Jesus, send your Holy Spirit to this place, to the homes and the schools, to all the places where your young people gather and use us to share your Good News with those who have never heard it before.  Bless their parents and their grandparents and bless us.  Use us to teach children and youth of your unending, compassionate love.  Inspire us and give us hope.  We pray for Amy, Nancy, Jennie, Lee, and Susan and for all who will help with Vacation Bible School this summer. Amen.

God of grace and mercy, you call your people to worship but our steps get in the way of some of those very people who have heard your call.  Give us courage to go forward with this accessibility project in your name.  We give you thanks for all who made it here today to worship, some of who have climbed lots of stairs to be here.  We pray that those who cannot get here will feel your presence in their lives.  Bless us as we take your Holy Word and your presence to them.  Inspire us and give us hope. Amen.

In Jerusalem on the first Pentecost, Peter (Acts 2:17) quoted the prophet Joel and promised that in these last days, God would pour out his Holy Spirit on our sons and daughters and that men and women alike would prophesy. God is still empowering us!  God is still inspiring us!  God is still giving us audacious dreams—with God nothing is impossible!  Are we ready to trust in the promises of God?  Take a deep breath and pray.

Come Holy Spirit and inspire us anew to do God’s will.  Come Holy Spirit and fill us with the power of God from on high.  Amen.

Pastor Jocelyn