Come and Worship in the Welcoming Arms of God

Dear people of Trinity,

Thank you so much for your attendance at the Forum on worship times.  You were respectful of each other’s feelings and shared a number of good ideas.  I appreciate that you have strong opinions and that you came and voiced your concerns. 

As I listened to your thoughts and feelings, I sensed your strong concern for those who are not here to worship with us.  The empty pews on Sunday morning are a source of pain for many and we feel like visitors will not return if we are too few in number.  Others expressed concern for those who perhaps are not able to attend a later or earlier service.  It was clear that every household is different—some have children who wake up early, some really appreciate a chance to sleep in on Sunday, some have plans for fun or work later in the day, and some find it hard to be here before 11:00. 

We all agree that we want the pews to have people in them.  We all agree that we want a church that is friendly and accommodating to young families.  We all agree that we want to be friendly and accommodating to our older members. We all agree that sharing the message of God’s grace and love is the most important thing we do!  Both the Worship Committee and the Church Council have received your information and will continue to discuss your concerns.  Any new changes to our worship schedule will not take effect until September.  Our summer worship schedule begins on May 30th with one Sunday worship at 10:00 am and Wednesday Bible Study at 6:00 pm followed by Holden Evening Prayer at 7:00 pm.

For now, we continue to worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am, with an Education Hour for all ages at 9:45 am.  Please continue to pray for our community of faith and for all the neighborhoods from which we come.  As we gather here on Sunday morning we pray, not just for ourselves, but on behalf of all the people of God, especially those 73% here in Snohomish County who do not have a faith community.

Lent is a season of preparation and growth.  We find renewal and strength for daily life in our worship times.  We give thanks for the many blessings we experience and we praise the God who loves us! 

Come and worship in the welcoming arms of God.

Pastor Jocelyn