Come Home

Dear friends,

Many of you have asked me about the Catholic Church’s “Come Home” advertisements which were shown frequently on TV and seen in the newspaper during Lent.  Some have asked me why Lutherans do not do a similar campaign.  Here at Trinity Lutheran Church I think we do! 

Our Welcome Statement encourages everyone to come home to this place of grace.  I hope that you feel welcome to participate in any and all Trinity activities and that in your participation you feel personally “welcomed”!  Your friends and family are also welcome here and I encourage you to invite them to come home with you.

When you come home to Trinity, what will you find?  You will be welcomed to a worship service that is filled with praise of God, opportunities for quiet reflection, Biblical preaching that makes a difference for our daily lives, beautiful music by our choir, bell choir and gifted soloists, and the best coffee hour in three counties!  At 8:30 our worship is less formal and at 11:00 it is more traditional, but we sing a wonderful variety of hymns and songs at both. 

Your children and teenagers are welcome to “come home” to a place where they are welcome and appreciated during worship.  During our education time they experience Biblical stories that capture their imaginations and teach lessons for a caring life.  Crafts and music are always part of this warm, friendly atmosphere.

When asked how to describe Trinity, people say things like, “All churches say they are welcoming but this one really is!”  We are a community of faith that takes our faith seriously, but in a relaxed and fun way.  We are thankful for the gifts God has given us and we give to others in many ways.  We try to be faithful followers of Christ who live their faith in their daily lives.  Are we perfect?  No, of course not!  But you are also welcome to “come home” and help us grow into the people God has created us to be. 

If you haven’t been at Trinity for a while and would like to talk with the pastor before you come home, please call me to schedule a time for conversation in my office or at your home.  Please check our website at for more information about activities.

May God bless you as you “come home”!

Pastor Jocelyn