December Letter from the Pastor

Dear Friends,


Ever feel as if you have entered into an episode of Star Trek?  Where God calls, you say yes, and all of a sudden it’s “Beam me up Scotty”.  Then, when you have been beamed into this new journey instantly
Captain Kurt says “Warp speed ahead”.  At first, all you can do is hold on for the ride, and then one day you realize either the world is slowing down or you are catching up. 
The world of Trinity Lutheran Everett and I are beginning to come into sync.  So, I want to take this time out to breathe and to let you know who I am, and what a “Respite Pastor” is.
My husband, Chris, and I live in Edmonds, and our child consists of one Grey Cockatiel named Precious who happens to be a perpetual toddler and a mama’s boy.  Chris works for Snohomish County and will not be able to worship with us due to his work schedule.  On December 3rd we will begin our 14th year of marriage.  As for me, I was born in Massachusetts and raised in Everett.  I graduated from Mariner High School, received my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle University and my Master’s Degree from the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University.  I am a trained Interim Pastor, and on my 5th year of ordination. 
So, what is a respite Pastor? A Respite Pastor steps into a congregation to assist it with its existing plans for the future, and to help it continue to move forward towards its mission statement while the settled pastor takes time to keep him/herself healthy.  In the next month or two Trinity will continue with all its plans for the Advent & the Christmas season.  We will also be looking ahead and preparing for Lent.  Trinity is not in the interim process, and I will not be functioning as an Interim Pastor. 
I am honored and blessed to be able to assist Trinity and Pastor Carson during this time as we await the celebration of the coming of our Lord’s birth, and the return of Pastor Carson. 
I have been asked: what do we call you?  I answer to Pastor Diana, Pastor Bottin (Bow Teen),
or Pastor B, whichever is more comfortable for you.  Please feel free to stop in the office to ask questions.  My door is always open. 
Your Sister in Christ
Respite Pastor Diana Bottin