In some ways my heart is saddened. Many of the lights that have been up for the past month are gone. The stores have replaced all the Christmas songs with the normal yearly tunes. They have also replaced the Christmas section with gifts for Valentine's. It is the flow of the year.

The bright spot that I cling to during this time of the year is the fact that we have had the longest night of the year - it was on December 21st. That means the nights are getting shorter and the days are getting logner.

This month we will be celebrating the time of Epiphany. The light has entered the world and the darkness cannot overcome it. It is a time in which we celebrate the revealing of who this baby Jesus is, and the God that became incarnate to bring Good News to ALL people.

This Christmas Season I saw Trinity come together to help support 45 families in need. Many of those families don't have ties to Trinity. What a great example of what the church is about. We as the church are here for those who are not here. We come to this place to be filled so that we can show the light of Christ to those who are not here. This is Epiphany!

We are the bearers of the light that has come into the world. The spreaders of the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who are outside the church. Sometimes this can be a difficult change in thinking. Just as the people of Israel struggled with the concept that God came to save even the gentiles, we in the church can struggle with the concept that the church is not here for "us", but we, as the church, are here for those who are outside our doors.

Yes, the days are becoming longer and summer will be upon us soon, but there is still a great deal of darkness in our world. Darkness in which the light we carry is begging to illuminate. When we were baptized a candle was lit and the presiding minister said "Let your light so shine".

Let the light of Christ that shines through you, personally and as a congregation, shine during this time of Epiphany and throughout the remainder of the year.

Your Sister in Christ,
Interim Pastor Diana