From the Pastor, March 2016

We started with a talking donkey. Then we questioned if we can make God abandon us. By the end of February, we were debating the merits of competing altars.

Nom, those aren't the minutes of the church council or any other committee. These are the topics of our Wednesday mid-day Bible study series. You are invited to join us at 11:15 a.m. You can even invite a friend, neighbor, or co-worker for BS* You Won't Hear in Church (*Bible Stories). Each week is a self-contained unit with no prior sutdy necessary. Drop in for just one week, or sit in for the whole series. We will examine a passage not found in our three-year lectionary cycle of Sunday morning lessons. We will learn about he history of that book of the Bible, hear our passage fits within the book, and then figure out what each of these stories has to do with our own daily faith lives. You may learn as much about one another as you do about the Bible! If you'd like to attend, but just can't get to church on a Wednesday mid-day, talk to me and we will figure out if we can add a second day/time.

Here are the upcoming topics for the remainder of the series:
March 2 - An army who laps water like dogs
March 9 - The festival that lasted for two weeks!
March 16 - The queen who never mentions God
March 23 - Jeremiah's synbolic underpants
March 30 - The prophet who sailed away from God
April 6 - Responding to the early Christian gossip chain

In 2007, the ELCA embraced an initiative called Book of Faith "that the whole church become more fluent in the first language of faith, the language of Scripture, in order that we might live into our calling as a people renewed, enlivened, empowered, and sent by the Word." Come and be a part of this holy work!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Tim