From the Pastor, October 2014

Fall has officially begun. The days are getting shorter and colder. The rains have returned, and the hustle and bustle of church activities is in full swing. Throughout the next few months we will be celebrating many "holidays" beginning with Reformation Sunday.

Often we think of Reformation as something that happened in 1517. But in reality, Reformation, and what Martin Luther believed to be reformation, is an ongoing process. It is continuing to look at the church, its practices and teachings, and asking questions. The message has, and always will remain the same, but the way in which the message is conveyed must change as the world changes. The question is, "What are we doing and saying to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner in which all people are able to hear and understand it?"

Reformation is not new. It actually began at the very beginning. All one needs to do is read Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God created. God changed what was into something new and different in order to convey God's love and grace. And God will continue to create and covey the love and grace for all on the corner of 24th and Lombard.

During the next several months, the Transition Team will be asking some very hard questions about how God is calling Trinity to spread the Gospel. Trinity is, and will be, reforming. This is one of our core values as Lutherans.

Your sister in Christ,
Interim Pastor Diana Bottin


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