Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

      This year, the Gospel of Mark will be the focus of our Sunday morning Gospel readings.  Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels and I invite you to take a few hours to read this inspiring story from beginning to end.  Mark’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus in a concise, action oriented way.  It is a good read!  Jesus moves through the story at a rapid pace and his actions are the Gospel message of Mark.  We see him feeding the hungry, casting out demons, reaching out to the rejected, and healing the sick.  We learn what it is to live in the kingdom of God by doing what Jesus did.

      Trinity Lutheran Church has had a great history of feeding the hungry.  The Trinity Aid Bank gives food to those who are hungry in a respectful, thoughtful way.  Because of your faithful caring the hungry are immediately fed.  This ministry of kindness touches the lives of many.  The Christmas Basket program gave food and presents to 30 families this year.  From all of us who were able to participate - “Thank you!” to this year’s organizers -  Julie Jansen, Susan Grazier and Jenny Fenrich. 

      In 2009, our Church Council has voted to increase our giving to hungry people around the world.  Through the ELCA World Hunger program we can give gifts that make a difference in the lives of people around the world!  One way to give is through the ELCA program called “God’s Global Barnyard.”  In December, the members of the Wednesday Morning Bible Study gave two goats, a turkey and ten chicks to the Barnyard.  The goats were named Roz and Joyce and it gives great joy to think of the two families whose lives will be enriched because of these animals.  Other programs include disaster relief, water projects, health care and education.  Through ELCA World Hunger our hands can reach around the globe to where the needs are the greatest. 

      On Saturday, January 24, our Synod Hunger and Global Mission Task Forces will host “Global Connections” a day of sharing at Trinity Lutheran College from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.  It includes lunch.  Please set this day aside to gather with others to learn of the many ways that you can change the world.  If you are able to attend please let Linda Olsen or Pastor Jocelyn know and we will RSVP for you.

      In Mark 6, the disciples come to Jesus to ask him to send the hungry away so they can find food for themselves.  His answer to them is, “You give them something to eat.” (Mark 6:37)  Jesus blessed the little they had and over 5000 were fed.  Jesus blesses what we bring and many more will be fed and given hope.  In Mark’s Gospel Jesus has compassion on all those who come in need to him.  We give thanks that God still has compassion on all who are grieving, lonely, hungry, or sick.  Because God cares for us, we care for each other.

May God bless you this New Year, with comfort and with care!

Pastor Jocelyn Carson