It's Time for Change, But How?


It’s time for Change, but how?

He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!

[Revelations 21:5]

 There is some really great news out right now.  Trinity has called a permanent pastor and she has accepted.  The bad news is  …?  Hey, wait a minute, there is no bad news!

 That is a lot like what the Gospel message is for us.  At Christmas we hear the angel say, “I bring you tidings of great joy.!”  That’s good news and there are no caveats or additions.  Then throughout Jesus’ ministry we keep hearing about the forgiveness and grace of healing that waits for us.  No conditions or ways to earn it! 

At Pentecost the disciples, the Church and even we are given the Holy Spirit!  No we are not just given it.  We are ‘commanded’ and it is ours. “Jesus breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’”  Again, it is not a gift that we can even earn.

 So it is as you begin ministry with your new pastor.  God’s Spirit has been at work for a long time and now the work of calling a pastor is finished.  The work of being Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Everett continues.

 The scripture verse above was not meant to address a new pastor or even the good news of the Gospel. It was meant to prepare God's people for a new heaven, a new earth, a whole new life that goes into eternity.  The book of Revelation deals with the time of "Not Yet!" It is the time after life changing events.  It is the time after a new beginning!  We live in the world of today! That is exactly the issue we need to address. How does God's promise address us in our day‑to‑day living? It all begins as you welcome Pastor Carson and her family.

 Pastor Jocelyn will be there for you as you celebrate new births. She will hold your hands as you depart this life for your promised eternity with God. She will baptize those newly born and those who discover God's place in their lives as adults. She will bring the Sacrament of the Altar to you in regular worship, in the hospitals and at your deathbed. She will share her understanding of Christian faith with you in her sermons and classes and will instruct your young men and women in what it means to be a Christian and a Lutheran. She will be God's gift to you in this time of life for the congregation of Trinity Lutheran!

 You also will be a big part of her family and her spiritual growth. You will watch them as they move into what it means to be a pastor’s family with a new congregation. You will be their spiritual support and example of the loving congregation you have been for your pastors in the past. During our Baptism Service we address the congregation and ask them to make a promise before God. The prayers of the Church are a powerful part of the growth of the newly baptized Christian. They will also be important in your growth and that of your new pastor.
Trinity is a congregation that knows how to share God's love! You have truly demonstrated your ability to be a “Place of Grace” to all who come through your doors.  I have discovered that from the way you have shared yourselves with my family and me. That is the greatest gift you have to give to your new pastor. That is the gift you will continue to give your community.

 Continue being the Grace of God. You have been such a blessing for us. You are that blessing for your new pastor.

 God Bless,

Pastor Chris