June Letter from the Pastor

She’s back!  Yes, I have returned which means Trinity is officially in the interim process.  So what does that mean?
First, a number of things have been happening here at Trinity over the past 6 months, to say the least.  The next few months, through summer, will be a time to breathe.  Nothing significant will happen in the way of the interim process.
Second, when summer begins to come to a close you will start hearing about the need to form a transition team.  This team will gather a great deal of information from you.  Yes, what you have to say is and will be very important.  This will take some time.  The information it receives from you will help fill out a very large document entitled Trinity’s Ministry Site Profile (MSP).  This document will be a “snap shot” of who Trinity is and where Trinity is going.
Third, when the transition team has done its work a call committee will be formed.  The call committee will do some final work on the MSP, ask the congregation for feedback and approval of it, and then send it to the synod office.  Once the synod office has the MSP, Bishop Unti will select Candidates for interviewing.
Forth, the interviews.  This phase can take on many directions depending on a number of variables (too many to go into detail at this time).  When a Pastoral Candidate has been selected as potentially Trinity’s new pastor a special congregational meeting will be called.  A call cannot be extended until after this meeting.
Wow!  Calling a pastor is a long process, but a good process in which God and the Holy Spirit is invited in and asked to help each step of the way.  It has been proven over and over again that when a congregation “skips” or “rushes” through the work the process takes twice the time, or it turns out not to be a “good fit”.
We are on a journey.  Journeys are not meant to be rushed through, but savored.  This is the time to reflect on who you have been, who you are now, and who you want to be.  Those are some deep reflections that can only be expressed by taking time.
Your Sister in Christ,
Interim Pastor Diana