Lent is a Time of Growth

Lent Is a Time of Growth

As I walk out to my car each morning, I check my flower beds to see how many of those bulbs planted last fall are beginning to show signs of life.  This morning it was the tiny tulip leaves that gave me hope that spring is truly on the way.  Lent in the northern hemisphere happens in a season of growth.  The days are lengthening, the trees and bushes begin to bud out, and the flowers bloom.

Lent is a time when we can grow in our walk of faith, also.  Rather than giving up something for Lent, this year I want to challenge each of us to add something to our faith routine.

Daily devotions are faith producing at any time of year, but Lent is an especially good time for us to focus on a quiet time with God each day.  Here at Trinity we have the “Christ in Our Home” booklets available in the back of the church, in the Fireside Room or the church office.  If you already use this booklet each day, you might add another resource, such as an on-line devotion or a particular book.  You can go to www.lutheransnw.org/spiritualcenter.asp for suggestions and a link to the ELCA Personal and Family Devotions page.  www.upperroom.org is a website with a lot of great resources which will also send you a daily e-mail devotion and Bible reading.

Reading the Bible each day is daily discipline that strengthens our connections to God.  
If you go to www.bookoffaith.org and click on the “Related Resources” tab you will be connected to a number of helpful resources and study materials.  If you have always wanted to read through the entire Bible in a year, this is a great time to start.  A reading guide is also available with the devotion books.

Daily prayer is part of our relationship with God and in addition to your own prayer needs, we have available an ELCA World Hunger Prayer Concern list.  The 40 prayers are an alphabet of global concerns and remind us of our many blessings.

During this season of Lent, we will worship together each Sunday morning at 8:30 and 11:00 am with an emphasis on praying together.  Wednesday Lenten worship happens at noon here at Trinity and at 7:00 pm at Central Lutheran.   

This year for Lent, I am taking a “40-Day Journey with Kathleen Norris”.  This is a book that will challenge me to journal each day as part of my reflections.  Please ask me how I am doing and I in turn invite you share your personal journey with me.

May this Lent be a season of growth for each of us,

Pastor Jocelyn