Making a Garden Grow

Dear friends,

What does it take to make a garden grow?  It takes soil, water, light, heat, nutrients, air, and in the case of our own “Giving Garden” it has also taken imagination, ingenuity, cooperation, investigation, and a lot of hard work.  Together we have dreamed, discussed, planned, built, and soon we will be ready to mix soil and then plant.  

The word “Lent” means to lengthen and we rejoice as the daylight portion of our days
lengthens during the Lenten season and we move from darkness into light.  The days will be lighter and warmer, God will water our gardens with showers, and growing things will “lengthen.”  

This Lenten season, we are invited to consider all the world as God’s garden.  As we think about growing food we also think about growing our faith.  Our communal garden is a reflection of God’s grace and love.  Our Sunday Lenten worship will focus on what it takes to grow both faith and food.  We will be refreshed in the waters of baptism and at the Table of the Lord.  We will consider what it might mean to “eat ethically.”  We will continue to bask in the light of God’s love and we will grow in faith and in love towards all the world.

I remember gardening with my whole family when I was a child.  Mostly I remember the day we planted the seeds, but I now know there was a lot of preparation and work that happened before we patted the tiny seeds into the ground. As the plants grew the work continued—weeding, watering, harvesting all happened before the eating.  My parents’ garden was a necessity for us.  They had five hungry, growing children to feed and the miracle of the abundant harvest from the small seeds was awesome every year.  

You are invited to come and take part in the Trinity  “giving garden.”  You are also invited to come and grow your faith in the sunshine of God’s love and grace.

Planting seeds and growing love,
Pastor Jocelyn