March 17th

I promised to talk about my worms a couple of days ago.  A few of them have survived the cold winter and they have once more begun to turn our vegetable type table waste and some cardboard into fertile worm castings to be used as natural soil enhancers.  The worms are good pets as they do not need to be walked and cleaning up after them is great for the flowers and fruits.  Sadly they do not like to be petted and there friends in the worm box often include spiders and potato bugs.  All in all they have been a great investment of time for us.  They make me feel like I am doing one of those “small steps” that will make our planet-God’s Garden- healthier.  Plans for worm boxes of all sizes are on the internet.  If you would like to visit ours come on by.

I had hoped that more people would add their own thoughts, feelings, memories, hints, failures and successes with gardening on this blog.  This was meant to be conversation not soliloquy.  What’s up with you?