March 24th

Thanks be to God!  The first little green sprouts have appeared in the peat pots, planted on Sunday, March 13.  The tomatoes are tiny little seeds and their sprouts are not much bigger.  The squash have not yet made an appearance.

We moved the seeds to a sunnier window!  Was it more sun or just the right number of days that made the difference?  We don’t know.  I am just relived to have something to show the children on Sunday!

Patience is a virtue that not all of us want to acquire.  A friend who endured much illness this winter says, “Never pray for patience!”  She says the lessons to learn patience are much too difficult.

Patience is the result of purposeful waiting.  And to learn patience our waiting must finally be rewarded, otherwise we just give up and become bitter.  Prayer is purposeful waiting and like Jesus we pray best when we include the words, “Thy will be done.”  Prayer is not always about the answer we wanted—sometimes God uses our prayers to mold us into the people who will pray another kind of prayer.  Thank you God for answers I can live with and answers that invite me to change my life.  But today, thank you especially for your gift of growth in those tiny tomatoes and in the lives of your children (of all ages) here at Trinity Lutheran Church in Everett.  Amen.