March 26th

There was a rainbow in the valley just a little while before sunset last night.  From a distance we could see the small rainstorm and there was just enough sunshine to create the sign of God’s promise to us.  God promised to never destroy the world by water again.  For some people in New Orleans or North Dakota or Australia or Japan it must seem like God has not kept this promise.

Floods have many causes the tsunami and the hurricane both bring uncontrollable water. In our area it is too much rain and unseasonably warm weather that melts the snow pack before its time that usually causes our flooding. 

Global warming is causing waters to rise in many places—I think of the Lutherans of Shishmaref, Alaska who have to move their entire village out of the way of rising waters.  We can argue about the causes until it is too late to make any changes OR we can figure out how to decrease our use of carbon based fuels.  It is called “decreasing our carbon footprint.”  Footprint is a good descriptive word for the effects mankind has had on the earth.  We have drastically altered our environment sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Stewardship or care of the earth has huge implications for our futures.  What kind of world are we leaving to our grandchildren or great-grandchildren?  We can disagree about causes and we can argue the political solutions but we need to make changes for the sake of those who come after us.

I took a class at WSU in 1971 about the environment—we studied the inter-relatedness of all the earth systems.  Why did we not pay better attention to what we knew then?  Our lack of action on behalf of God’s creation (garden) we confess to the Lord.  Forgive us gracious God and give us wisdom and courage to change.  Amen.