March 28th

The Giving Garden took a huge step forward yesterday as we mixed soil for the boxes after church.  We mixed peat moss, vermiculite and some beautiful black compost to create the perfect soil for our vegetables.  You can see the hard workers and the smiling faces on this website or on Facebook.

I woke up this morning to another reminder that we all live in God’s Garden.  My high school friend who now lives in Dubai, ( United Arab Emirates) sent a Facebook message because she had seen the pictures.  When we can communicate our words and images so quickly just about anywhere on earth—we are reminded of our interconnectedness and that we all live in the same global community.

The tiny tomatoes and bigger squash seeds that the children planted in church three weeks ago have sprouted and soon the weather will warm enough to plant them in the garden.  Sprouting seeds remind me of Jesus saying in John’s Gospel, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies it bears much fruit.”( 12:26)  So in order to be fruitful, what things do we need to let go of?  I ask this question in our personal life and in our life together as a faith community.  What needs to die in order for new growth to spring forward?  This is an awesome reminder of the resurrection.  Easter is coming! Alleluia!

Since this blog is really me talking to myself and the rest of you listening in, I must also ask the other question, which is of course, “What are those most important things that we need to hang onto, so that our growth is God’s growth, not some human contrivance?  For me it is God’s Amazing Grace proclaimed in Word and Sacrament for a thirsty world!  What is essential in your faith life?  In our life together?