Pastor, I have a question?

Dear Friends,

One of the joys of being your pastor is hearing you say, “Pastor I have a question?”  Sometimes your questions are clarifying something from the sermon or they touch on Biblical or theological concerns.  Other times you bring your personal concerns about life.  Whatever the question I am always happy to sit down with you to figure out an answer together with you.  I do not have all the answers but I am happy to think with you about even the unanswerable questions such as “Why is there evil in the world?”
In September and October we will have a series of classes.  For some people these classes will answer their questions as they consider becoming a member here at Trinity.  But everyone is welcome to come and bring their questions and share in the fun!  We will consider some big topics such as how Lutherans understand the Word of God, how the Ten Commandments and the Creeds are important in our daily lives, a bit of history about Trinity Lutheran, and how your talents and interests can be part of ministry in this faith community.  Obviously we will discuss the questions you bring, too!  The classes will be held after worship in the Koinonia Room on September 23, October 7, 14, and 21.  We will welcome new members on Sunday, October 28th.

I welcome your questions after worship on Sunday mornings or in my office during the week.  You can make an appointment via e-mail or by calling or you can just drop by.  If you can not come into the office I am happy to meet you for a cup of coffee or I will drop by your home. 
You are also welcome to join in one of the weekly Bible Studies at any time.  Some of our Wednesday students have been meeting on Wednesday morning for a long time—but they are happy to welcome new questioners to the mix.  We meet at 10:45 on Wednesday morning in the Sojourner’s Room.  The Monday evening group meets at my home from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. (You can call the church office for directions.) Questioners are always welcome!  
Jesus often taught because someone asked a good question.  “How many times should I forgive someone?”  “Who is my neighbor?”  “Is it okay to pay taxes to the government?”  “Will my dog go to heaven?”  Oh wait, Jesus did not answer that one—but we can have a great time talking it out together!  Jesus invited questions and so do we here at Trinity!
Thanks be to God for his unending mercy and grace and for all the questions that we ask!
Pastor Jocelyn