Second Day of Lent

I am still thinking about dirt this morning.  Back in January we had an amazing warm Sunday afternoon and so I went out to the former garden plot to see what would have to be done to resurrect it into a producing garden.  I took my pruners and a rake and a shovel and over a couple of hours filled the yard waste bin (one of the big ones) completely full of dead branches, leaves, moss, pine and fir cones, and weeds.

When I got down to the dirt, I was thrilled to find it dark and rich looking.  As it sat at rest the soil had been enriched by all of the compost that had been allowed to just sit there and soak in.  I flashed back to a brief memory of helping to pick potatoes at a relative’s farm near Denver.  The warm dark earth smell was the same.  One of my crops this year will be potatoes!  I think I have just the right dirt to grow potatoes. 

An added bonus—I love to eat potatoes.  Baked, mashed, in potato salad, even potato soup sounds delicious when made with my own crop!

Dirt, earth, soil, all are the dust of which we are made.  If we are dust, then we have the opportunity to grow new things in our life.  Our lives, like my abandoned garden plot can be resurrected.  We can choose life.  We can do something different that brings life to others.  Bless us and our dirt.  Amen.