Singing Easter Alleluias!

Singing Easter Alleluias!

     The Sabbath was over and early the next morning the women, Mary Magdalene, Mary, the mother of James, and Salome, met and went together to the tomb with spices to anoint the body of Jesus.  On the way they asked, “Who will roll the stone away?”  The answer to this question was so much more than they could ever have expected.  “Jesus of Nazareth has been raised, he is not here!”  God had gotten to the tomb before they did.  Alleluia! 

       God’s grace continues to go before us in our lives.  Whatever questions we are puzzling over this day, God is there before us.  Whatever the challenges that you face, God is facing them with you.  The stones are rolled away from all that keeps us living in fear.  God’s answers to our prayers are so often much more than we ever expected.  God’s presence in our lives gives us the peace that is beyond our understanding.  Death lost the battle on that first Easter morning.  We can triumphantly sing, “Christ is Risen! Alleluia!”  

       When the Church gathers on Easter morning we will sing joyous Alleluias!  At both 8:30 and 11:00 am we will gather joyfully at the table of our Lord to celebrate the Resurrection.  This is the feast in anticipation of the Great Feast that awaits us in eternity.  We gather for breakfast (between 7:30 and 10:30) and for conversation and catching up, too.  This is a time when the faith community rejoices to welcome each other with joy.  At 10:30 the children will hunt for Easter Eggs and their joy will be contagious! 

       On Monday, we will go back to our ordinary days.  But remember, the Risen Lord will go with you on Monday, Tuesday, and every ordinary day that follows.  The promise of Easter is never failing and never ending.  God’s grace holds you up, God’s love surrounds you, and God’s peace blesses you every day.  Whatever challenges you face, God is there before you, rolling away the stones and taking away your grief and fear.

       May your Easter Celebration be blessed with joy.  And may all of your ordinary days be filled with the presence of God.

Peace and joy,

Pastor Jocelyn Carson

Our Easter special offering this year will be in support of the Trinity budget with a tithe going to support the work of Bethany of the Northwest, our local benevolence for April.