A thank you from Clara

By Clara Griffin |  June 25, 2013

Dear  People of Trinity,

Trinity captured my heartstrings many years ago and has held them tightly ever since.  Continuing to direct the music and do visitation after my initial retirement has been a great joy.  As I retire completely, I especially want to thank Pastor Jocelyn for sharing the visitation with me. I have also been so blessed by her wonderful support of, and participation in, the music ministry.      

A very big thank you to the choir and bell choir.  (Some of you have sung or played since the beginning of my tenure!)  The concert was wonderful, the dinner was delicious, the flowers and gifts were so lovely, and I was so touched by the surprise at the end of the concert.   I am so proud of your accomplishments and those of past choirs, as well.   Each of you has been a great gift and blessing to me.  It has been a great privilege to work with you and I can’t thank you enough! Thank you, also, to everyone who provided wonderful Special Music and to Anne Nielsen who also accompanied us on her flute so beautifully every time I asked.  Special thanks to Gary Hatle-Wyman for his fantastic musicianship in accompanying everyone on the keyboard; to Marilyn Leatherman who continued to play the organ for us at our concerts well into retirement; and to Pam Kluth who prepared all of our delicious concert dinners for the last 17 years and created the flower arrangements, all while singing in the choir and playing bells. I have been so blessed to have worked with all of you wonderful, amazing, talented people and I can't thank you enough!  
I also want to thank everyone with whom I have visited.   I have been so very blessed by your hospitality, your faith, and friendship as you have invited me into your homes and residences.  You are a great inspiration to me.   

Last, but far from least, thank you to all of you.  Your love and support over the years has been a tremendous gift to me.   Initially, John and I will be doing a little traveling but will continue to worship at Trinity.   John will continue with the Men's Breakfast and I look
forward to serving Trinity in new and different ways. 

With much love to you all,