Caring For Our Church Grounds

April 5, 2016

Caring for our Church Grounds

Volunteer opportunities abound at Trinity. Wanted are gardening oriented individual(s) to care for the following areas:
* Area 1: Laurel hedge on the north side of garden fence; trim and weed monthly or as needed.
* Area 2: Bushes and flower beds along walkway between the admin bldg. and church; pick up leaves an dkeep weed free. Water during dry spells.
* Area 3: The sanctuary east wall Barberry bushes and flower beds.
* Area 4: Parking lot flower beds/bushes from the street sidewalk to the Fireside Room entry walkway.
* Area 5: Parking lot bushes on the north side of the Fireside Room entry to the administration building walkway.
* Area 6: Weed and pick up leaves along th enorth side of the administration building.

Volunteers would be responsible for keeping their area free of weeds and leaves and the ground slightly tileld or raked. Watering during dry seasons would be needed if prlonged dryness occurs as it did last year when bushes became stressed. If planting flowers in your area, water weekly or more often if no rain.

Please contact John Griffin or Steve Lay for questions or to sign up. You may also email the church at