Christmas Baskets a huge success!

By Susan Grazier |  January 4, 2018

Thanks to you all for working with Jennie and myself on successful Christmas Basket event!  I feel very blessed to be part of Trinity.  All 25 families were excited and appreciative.   Trinity, you all are amazing!  The holiday family photos, free table and cookies helped round out the baskets for the families.  We want to thank all of you for the donating items for free table, sponsoring a family, baking cookies, bringing in food, and bringing in empty boxes for packing.  We also couldn’t do the extras without the Thrivent Grants.  And then you all came out to volunteer, helping bring it all together on both Friday and Saturday.  We had deliveries to do this year…thanks to the drivers who drove around the Everett community.  Jennie Fenrich and I want to say a much appreciative, “THANK YOU!”.  The success is because of every one of you.
Happy New Year!
Susan Grazier