Clark Park Update

May 3, 2011

The Clark Park Stakeholders have completed their meetings.  During our final meeting we rated about 30 ideas which had come from the previous meetings.  We looked at how many people they would affect, how expensive they were, what agencies would be involved and how practical they were.  The physical improvement ideas with the most support were to improve the lighting, add landscaping,  add signage which would include the history of the park and some current community information, move the Visitor Information Center from Comcast Arena to Clark Park, install picnic tables and more benches, add a restroom, and a bike rack.  We also talked about having a “Park Watch” with training by Everett Police and possible live music in the Park.
The idea from the meetings that will most affect us was to have churches involved with “Clean Up” Days in the park.  One group has already scheduled the first of these events for May 22 at noon!  

We will be watching as more of these suggestions become reality!  If you would like more details, there is a notebook from the meetings in Pastor Jocelyn’s office.