From the Council President

November 28, 2014

Notes from the Church Council president

 Autumn at Trinity is a busy time.  Programs are in full swing and Council has begun looking toward the end of the year and planning for 2015.  The Finance Committee is working on 2014 accounting and the 2015 Budget proposal.  At present, Trinity has an $18,000 shortfall for 2014.  This year has been tough on the Budget with the transition of pastors and with various facilities and maintenance needs.  Our Congregational giving is down by $10,500 from the same time last year, which is a big factor in the shortfall.  Our Staff and Council do everything they can to be careful stewards of our money.  I am not greatly discouraged about the shortfall, it is to be expected with the needs we’ve had this year.  Over the years, Trinity sometimes meets the end of the year with budget shortfalls but we are still here and maintaining a vibrant church life.  I encourage each of us to think and pray about our own giving to be sure it is the best we can do and given with our cheerful, grateful hearts.  God has given us so much at Trinity and He gives us the ability to meet challenges, changes and obstacles.  I’m confident we will meet our needs and enjoy carrying on together. 
God Bless You and God Bless Trinity, Mary Nielsen