Lutheran World Relief Quilts & Kits

March 26, 2012

Lutheran World Relief:

Quilts & Kits

In early May, the annual ingathering of Quilts and Kits will be held.  The Quilts and Kits are gathered and given to those in impoverished countries and where natural disasters have occurred.  On Sunday April 29, Trinity will have a display of things we have assembled as well as guest preachers Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kaananen, missionaries from our synod who are home on leave.  They will be able to affirm how valuable these kits and quilts are to the very people they minister to. 


At this time we are in need of the following items for the School Kits: 
- Pencil Sharpeners       
- 2-1/2” Erasers  
- Black or blue ballpoint pens  
- #2 Pencils      
- Boxes of 16 or 24 Crayons
- Blunt scissors (the type with blade embedded works best). 
We will have a basket in the Fireside Room for the items.

On April 30th we will box and weigh everything and then deliver it to Our Redeemer’s in Seattle the next weekend.  We can use help with some “muscle” for loading and unloading and also with collecting money for shipping costs.  If you are able to help with this effort, please contact the church office or Lynda Elwood.