Music Appreciation Sunday, June 1

By Holly Batstone |  May 28, 2014

Many times in the Bible, different authors talk about singing to God, making a joyful noise unto the Lord, and playing the harp and lyre, among other instruments. I truly believe it pleases God when we join together and sing His praises. We come together as one body in Christ and make joyful sound. God loves us and welcomes us to sing and play and share the voice and talents He has given each of us.
It has been a pleasure, during my first year, directing the music here at Trinity. I personally, am spiritually fulfilled, when I am directing and listening to the angelic voices of the choir, the euphoric vibrations of the bells, the gleeful sounds of the piano, and the unity of praise from the congregational hymns.
The first Sunday of June (June 1st) will be a special Sunday, Music Appreciation Sunday. A time where we will hear all the musical groups in the church make a joyful noise! Please come and be inspired through the music of this church.
This service will wrap up the music groups until fall. We will enjoy special music from talented individuals and small groups throughout the summer. If you are interested in sharing your God-given talents with the church, or know someone who would, please contact me at or on my cell phone at 805-444-6559.
Happy Notes!
Holly Batstone