Our Church Garden

April 5, 2016

In early March, Trinity was approached by Project Harvest in regards to our garden space.

Project Harvest proposes to use oru garden space to grow food that would then be harvested and distributed to local food banks, including our own Trinity Aid Bank. This is an ideal fit for us and our garden space, as our gardens have not been used to their potential for the past couple of years now.

Project Harvest is a farm-to-food bank organization that primarily does gleaning of local fields, then distributes the food to local food banks. Project Harvest is a national movement run in many cities by AmeriCorps. In Snohomish County, AmeriCorps runs Project Harvest through Volunteers of America.

We look forwrad to seeing things grow in our garden once again and feed the community around us. For more information on what Project Harvest is doing locally, check them out at www.facebook.com/projectharvestsnoco.