Seeking Music Director

May 30, 2013

Job Description for Music Director

Trinity Lutheran Church

Overview:  Trinity Lutheran church is seeking a Music Director, who would direct the Choir and Bell Choir, choosing appropriate selections of music. They would also provide special music and instruct congregation in new music as needed by the church.  The Music Director works in cooperation with the Pastor.

Job Responsibilities:

1.      Directing of the Choir and conducting rehearsals

2.      Directing of the Bell Choir and conducting rehearsals

3.      Working with the congregation teaching new songs

4.      Working with Sunday School youth in teaching new songs

5.   Working with the pastor in choosing music for the choir and bells so it is appropriate for the lesson and message for the week.

6.  Coordinate with staff including keyboardist, the children/youth ministry person, and Church secretary regarding new music, upcoming events, schedules, etc.

7.      Planning and Directing of Special concerts (examples, Christmas, Easter or Spring)

8.      Scheduling of Special Music when necessary

9.      Scheduling of liturgists

10.  Attendance at Worship Committee once a month

11.  Staff meetings as called by the pastor

12.  Recruit new participants from within the congregation

13.  Maintain the music library


1.      Bachelor’s degree in music, church music or other related degree.

2.      Demonstrated knowledge of Lutheran theology, liturgical practice, and use of music in worship.

3.      Experience and competency directing volunteer church choir, bell choir and youth.

4.      Ability to work well with volunteers and congregation.


The annual salary dependent on experience and based on 15 hours per week.


There are no medical, life, or disability insurance benefits included with this position except those provided by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.  Trinity Lutheran Church is exempt from paying unemployment insurance.  Similarly, there are no pension benefits provided.


In the event of sickness or other cause which would temporarily prevent the Music Director from fulfilling her responsibilities, the Music Director shall notify the Pastor or Secretary as soon as it is reasonably possible.  There is no paid sick leave.

General Expectations:

1.      Work in conjunction with the church staff to achieve the mission and goals of Trinity Lutheran Church.

2.      Have strong leadership, organization, and communication skills.

3.    Have the ability to relate to a wide variety of persons, both in group settings and with individuals; and to work well with staff and volunteers.