Thank you!

By Pastor Jocelyn Carson |  April 24, 2014

Dear Trinity friends,
Thank you so much for the wonderful retirement party on March 30th.  It was wonderful to worship with you again.  Thank you for the very generous gifts of money—I am overwhelmed by your loving support and care.  I imagine many uses for it: new walking shoes, a new wheelbarrow and other garden implements, new plants, fun trips with Dave and family.  I will remember your thoughtfulness many, many times as my future unfolds.  Dave and I appreciate the many thoughtful gifts including delicious candy, bread, cookies, flowers, books, note cards and so much more.
Thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious cake with the sheep and a shepherd’s staff, recalling for me my very first Harvest Party with you and so many other good times as well.  The Lord is our Shepherd who guides us and keeps us. 
The Memory book is truly priceless.  Thank you for sharing with me wonderful moments of our time
together at Trinity in both words and pictures.  The Sunday School butterflies are beautiful works of art—thank you dear children and teachers.  I hope to someday open the book without tears but for now I remember how healing our tears can be and how God treasures each one.
The picture of Trinity with all your names will be treasured as will the many cards and notes from you.  You have reminded me over and over again how wonderful the written word can be.  From the first week of my respite time your written notes, cards, texts, and emailed prayers have encouraged and cheered me. Thank you!
It has been my highest honor to serve with you as pastor, to share with you joys and sorrows, laughter and tears.  I thank each member of the Trinity staff: Amy, Gina, Christa, Gary, Holly, and Maria, as they continue to serve among you with grace and commitment.  I give thanks for Clara and her partnership in ministry here.  I thank the church council and each of the amazing council presidents, Peggy, Richard, Jerry, and now Mary, who have led you so well.
Knowing each one of you has been a gift from God!
Trusting in God’s future for us all,  
Pastor Jocelyn