Thank You

By Clara Griffin |  August 9, 2010

     There simply are not adequate words to express my appreciation for the fantastic retirement party held in my honor! Many thanks to Richard Aasland, Lynda Elwood, Pam and Lee Kluth, Cyndi Nielsen, Gary and Ann Pederson, and Dorthy Thompson for your work in bringing about such a wonderful celebration! The dinner prepared by Pam and Lynda and their assistants was superb; the program hosted by Lee and Cyndi, with assistance from Pastor Jocelyn and Dave Carson, was such fun; and, Mike Denny's song accompanied by Marilyn Leatherman, Peggy Ostergaard's poem and power point presentation, my family's slide show and comments, and Mary Nielsen's remarks all moved me from laughter to tears. My heartfelt thanks to each of you for making the evening so memorable!    
     A very special thank you to each of you for spending the evening with me and my family, for the wonderful cards, the gorgeous signed quilt made by Pam, (I can't even imagine the many hours spent in its creation!) and the very generous monetary gift! John and I hope to take a trip late in the fall and your gift will go a long way toward helping us make that a reality. The greatest gift of all is the gift of yourselves and the grace and love you have shown me. I will forever treasure the time I spent as your Associate in Ministry.
     Much love to each of you, Clara